Lesson Planning can actually be a lot easier.

The Ignite Platform is an initiative by the Federal Ministry of Education to help educators put lesson plans together, collaborate and share easily.

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Save time on Lesson Planning.

Our platform seeks to empower educators with ready tools, knowledgebase and much needed material, templates and formats that will enable them deliver learning in a more agile, productive, and efficient way, bringing the best out of learnings and improving the quality of education all together

Capacity Building

In order to improve the quality of learning and increase the capacity of education generally, the need for capacity building for educators and educators cannot be overemphasized.

Availability of Resources

One of our major goals is to ensure continuous availability of resources for lesson planning regardless of network conditions in the location

Easy setup & resource management

Resources are categorized is an organized manner, helping the educators easily find exactly what they are looking for.

Content Repository

We provide a repository for self-developed content from standard master templates (lesson plans, teaching aids etc)

Question Bank

We also provide a library of ready resource, materials and knowledgebase (curriculum, past questions and answers, continuously populated library of ready resource, materials and knowledge-base (curriculum, past questions and answers, continuous ly populated


An initiative of the Federal Ministry of Education

The best solution to manage your Lesson planning online. No matter the subject in question, nor topic, just search and get resources to help you make your lesson notes even faster. It's free.

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